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I have looked forward for many years to each CMTA event. The workshops are filled with practical and inspirational ideas. The speaker/participant interaction is outstanding. I think CMTA is a perfect time to bring people from your church and get some excellent training while you build relationships. I hope you take advantage of this year’s CMTA. It has something for everyone in your church.

Jim Burns, Ph.D.,  President, HomeWord
Author of Creating an Intimate Marriage and Confident Parenting


Hi CMTA Friends!
Last year was our first year at the convention and we were SOLD!
We just got our postcard in the mail and we're excited already! Just thought you should know.
I'll see how many people we can bring with us this year! We're praying for more kids at our small church. We'll pray for you guys too!
We'll see you in just a few months. March/April is right around the corner!

Pastor Jon Karn
Light on the Corner Church –
Montrose, CA


I attended my first CMTA conference in 2015, and it was amazing. I felt like a kid in a candy store! The conference offered a lot of resources and the classes were very informative...but the information I got from other teachers, directors, and ministers's experiences encouraged me  to build a stronger ministry in my home church.  When I felt I wanted to stop working in youth ministry I was encouraged to trust God to direct my decision by people at the conference who understood what I was feeling.

Although the conference supplied me with materials, ideas, and skills to be equipped to build a ministry; for me I found a great source of support in the instructors, vendors, and conference attendees. We started the Children's Ministry at my church January 2015, and we have grown from 11 children to 24. Children's Ministry is every Sunday for ages infant to 12 years old, and on Thursday nights we have our teen & young adult bible study.  We also have a fitness program we have just started for all ages, where we meet for one hour of exercise & prayer on Saturday mornings to "Get Fit For Christ". I'm looking forward to attending more CMTA conferences to not only grow our ministry, but to be refreshed and motivated to continue the work God has planned for me. 

Thank you CMTA for all the hard work and dedication you give in the building of God's Kingdom...Can't wait to see what you have planned for 2017!

Charlene Lee, Youth Director
New Hope Baptist Church –
Seaside, CA


I used to live in the LA area and attended the conventions. They are very well organized and implemented. They are worth the extra time and expense it takes to get there from Texas. Thanks for all the hard work it takes to put on a convention like that of the CMTA.

Cindi Weber – McAllen, TX


As a retired Teaching Ministries Director my interest in systematic training for Bible teachers has actually grown. Teacher training is the subject of both my writing and mentoring activities. When I directed five teaching ministries of a local church, I required a high commitment from volunteer teachers. The result was a strong commitment from them. The regular teachers were required to complete a "Basic" training on the "Teaching Process" and to participate in a continuous training program. That included a home study in Teaching Basics by D. Dale with a Final Exam, an in-house seminar in the Spring and GLASS in the fall. Annual participation in two events was required to maintain their Teacher Certification as Regular (not Subs) Teachers. Without GLASS a cornerstone of effective Bible teaching would be lost from this community.

Thank you for giving me this special opportunity in CMTA.

Bruce Kirkpatrick – West Hills, CA Simi Alliance Church, Simi Valley, CA