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2018 Exhibitor Application

Sponsored by Christian Ministries Training Association
April 6-7, 2018 • Pasadena Convention Center

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Exhibit Options

Exhibits and Workshops and ALL events will be in the same building (Conference Center). We look forward to helping you reach new people and groups with your services.




Table Top


6'X6' area, 6 foot draped table with two chairs



6'X8' area, 6 foot draped table with two chairs. 8 foot draped back wall and 3 foot side rails.



10'X10' area, 8 foot draped table with two chairs. 8 foot draped back wall and 3 foot side rails.

Yes, I would love to do a Lunchtime Exhibit

Please Note: No electric service provided by CMTA. Electric Order Form will be available from our decorator Total Expo when the exhibitor packets are emailed. Edlen Electric is the contractor.

Click here to view the Floorplan of the Conference Building. Wi-Fi service will be available at a cost from the Pasadena Convention Center.

Payment Remitted with Contract

Payment in full in the amount of $
(Must be paid in FULL after February 20, 2018 and non-refundable)


25% Deposit of the total in the amount of $
(Non-refundable after January 15, 2018)

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Note: Make check payable to Christian Ministries Training Association or CMTA. Write exhibit in the memo field. Upon completion of online application, print this application and remit a copy with check within 5 days.

CMTA Exhibits
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Booth Information

1. Special needs or requests to be considered in the assignment of your booth(s).

2. List audio-visual equipment you wish to use at your booth (i.e. cd's, dvd, etc).

3. Description of products or services you wish to promote at your booth(s)..

4a. Will you be selling anything? (Resale permit.must be submitted by March 15, 2017)
 Yes     No

4b. What is your California Resale Number or Temporary Number?

4c. Do you need an application for a California Temporary Resale permit?
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Do you need an internet connection or audio visual needs? Please Click Here

I agree to the insurance waiver as described in the Exhibitor Guidelines.

I have read and understand the Media/Photography Release described in the Exhibitor Guidelines.

Contract Agreement



The CMTA Board reserves the right to accept or reject any application or advertisement.
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